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“There’s a Bollywood actress named Amy Jackson. She is a white, English woman who is said to have an “Indian look.” You know who else has an Indian look? DARK-SKINNED INDIAN WOMEN.”

Hari Kondabolu (via cameronjcollins)

Before pursuing stand-up comedy full-time, Hari Kondabolu was a human rights activist. At first telling jokes was a cathartic release from the intense work he did with victims of hate crimes and workplace discrimination. In today’s interview he recounts how he began to incorporate aspects of his work into his comedy: 

"I used to do a bit where I used to read the U.S. citizenship application onstage. I think that’s part of just being overeducated and wanting to do document analysis, but I’d actually bring it on stage and read questions. Because for people who don’t know, this is what immigrants have to go through to gain status in this country and it’s absurd and it’s something we take for granted as American citizens.
Sometimes that was hard in a club on a Friday night and it’s 10 o-clock and everyone’s drunk and there’s a dude on stage reading a form, it’s a strange thing to read a government form in front of a bunch of drunk people.”

Hari’s new comedy album is called Waiting for 2042. 
Photo by Kyle Johnson

"I went to a prestigious small liberal arts college in Maine. And like many other people of color who have gone to prestigious institutions of higher learning, I had a lot of white liberal friends. And I am sick of some of these white liberal friends telling me how guilty they feel all the time. How guilty they are, how their whiteness makes them feel bad.
"You know, I’m not impressed. Because if I had the choice between white guilt and racism, I’d take the white guilt every time! White guilt sounds great! Are you kidding me?
"Imagine this; you’re in a line, you’re about to board an airplane. All of a sudden security shows up. They pull a Sikh man with a beard and a turban off, they search his bags. You’re watching, what do you think to yourself? ‘Oh this is terrible, I feel terrible! This is again racial profiling. That man’s done nothing wrong. How ‘bout they search––they should search me, I’m a white man! I could be the next Timothy McVeigh. They don’t know that! Why don’t they search my bags? ‘Cause I’m white. I feel terrible. I feel so terrible. I mean, I’m still gonna board the plane, but I’m gonna feel bad about it, I’m gonna sit in my chair, I’m gonna feel gross- Oh! I’ll write Rachel Maddow an email, that’s what I’ll do! And I’ll tell Terry Gross, and I’ll read my bell hooks on the plane. Yes, see then, everything will be better. I’ll feel better!’
"…to any white liberals watching, remember this; your white guilt is a part of your white privilege."
— Hari Kondabolu

This man has been getting me through some darkness




Remember Tarika

Black women also have a long history of abuse and violence at the hands of the state.
Read Danielle McGuire’s At the Dark End of the Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance

Shot while holding a baby

She was on her knees too

Sign the PETITION to enact laws to protect us from police brutality and misconduct.

5 Things You Should Know About The Ferguson Grand Jury



1. The Grand Jury that is “investigating” Darren Wilson is comprised of nine White people and three Black people (no word yet on how many of those jurors are from Ferguson Missouri, the town where Mike Brown was executed, and who’s residents are mostly Black)

2. The prosecutor, Bob…


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